Pandan Batik Clutch

They may say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are purses! 👛


Own this super cute handcrafted pandan clutch made by Yogya crafters whom pour their heart, soul and energy into each of this bag! 

See that adorable vintage-like batik 👆mixed with colorful pandan leaves?! It gives you a lovely yet elegant look!

Ooh….and don’t worry, the one you pick will be one-of-a-kind that you won’t find elsewhere since its only made one piece per design!
Falling in ❤️ already?! Have it with only Rp. 100K (exclude delivery)! 
🍀 Happy Shopping 🍀
contact :

whatsapp : +6281802770352


email: sofiadewi.co@gmail.com

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