A good tought that I found today

earlier today… 
it’s trully a good tought.. when u asked someone to help you to catch your dream (the same dream with her).. and there’s no one surround you both wants to support her and give her a good atmosphere.. you should support her body and soul, trust me. I’ve been there.. being alone to fight the world under your name was NOT her dream. and you will crashed the bound.
She didn’t need to called BOS.. she didn’t need to get higher prestige with your words (only) and never write in a piece of paper. she didn’t need to be forced not to get married soon.. she didn’t need to be your “girlfriend” as well.. 
She will be able to work for you day till night.. no matter how hard the way is.. when she feel COMFY..

It was too late to re-build the chemistry.. when she’s 1000x more dissapointed.. the heart was freezed.. and the willing are gone. 
Don’t do the same mistakes next… she’s now on her step to live her own dream..
And please don’t reach her path.. she deserve a better life after u broke her wings.. 

And thanks God it’s a long weekend now 😘😘
pic source Scarf Magz IG 

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